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Ikkousha Lake Forest News

Now Ikkousha in Lake Forest is becoming full service menu

Ikkousha Lake Forest is becoming full service restaurant
Hakata Ikkousha Lake Forest

Finally We decided to make it change. this change is going to be huge in Lake Forest.

Hakata Ikkousa was offering food court style service, you go in and order at cashier and then pick up when it is ready!! but we got so many request from customer that they want us to be Full service restaurant.

To be full service restaurant, we wanted to serve alcohol, so we waited till we get permission officially from city.

Now we can serve alcohol and are ready to be full service restaurant.

Menu Change

We are going to have more kinds of ramen and appetizer, We will be only Ikkousha in USA to serve Yatai ramen base broth and also Black Devil which is mix of our Signature ramen God Fire and Black Tonkotsu.

Our Promotion

After Nov 1st, We started promotion for drink.

you will get Pint beer for $1 and Pitcher beer for $3 w/any noodle order and it is available until end of November.

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